Absolutely. We are able to reserve a truck for up to 4 weeks if you pay a £500.00 deposit. This deposit is non-refundable.
Shipping prices are dependent on two factors; the first is the destination and second is the size of the vehicle. You can find more destination specific information on the exports page. All of our shipping prices include delivery of the vehicle(s) to a UK port and DHL posting of all relevant documentation to the customer regardless of their location.
Absolutely. We can provide you with all the facilities needed to part exchange. Please get in contact  or fill in the form and we can give you more information. We will then send you our Part Exchange Evaluation Form via email which you will need to complete and return to us with some recent photos of the vehicle. This way, we can get back to you with the vehicle valuation.
Some of the prices shown on our website do include VAT. However, you may find some that do not, as well as others that show as POA (which means you have to contact us to get a price on it). For VAT guidance:
  1. UK customers If you are a UK customer you are required by law to pay 20% VAT on the displayed price.
  2. Non-European Union (Africa, South America, Asia, Caribbean etc.) customers If you are a non-EU customer and exporting your vehicle, no VAT is charged.
  3. VAT registered European Union customers You need to be a VAT registered EU business and have a valid VAT registration number, which is registered to your business in order to qualify for zero rated VAT. You must also have proof of export.
Non-VAT registered European Union customers If you are a non-VAT registered EU customer you are required by law to pay 20% VAT on the displayed price.
All of the prices displayed on our website are ex works/yard and do not include any transport costs. However if you need transport, we can arrange delivery for you at a competitive price. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.
All prices shown across the website are displayed in GBP (£).
We offer a number of additional services including down rating, taxation class changes and personalised number plates. We can also provide plenty of other customisations, so please contact us to find out how we can help.
Absolutely. We can arrange for extra equipment to be fitted such as hydraulic equipment or extra/additional painting. We can do this either in our workshops or at a specialist supplier. Please contact us to let us know your requirements.
Absolutely. We can deliver your truck to most major shipping ports. You can find more information on our export page or contact us and we will be able to provide you with more details and quotes.
Yes, of course. If you require extra or more specific photos please contact us and we will send them to you.
You can find information on mileage for every vehicle on each vehicle-specific page. 
You can check the MOT status of a particular vehicle on our website. You will find this information on the vehicle stock page, amongst the specifications. Please contact us to discuss an MOT on your chosen vehicle. In many cases, we can carry this out at our onsite VOSA ATF test lane.
We are very rarely given service history with the trucks. However, as operators in the UK, they are required to keep 18 months worth of service history records to comply with their operators license regulations, so it will be vehicle dependent. Please contact us if in doubt.
We can email you extra pictures of the tyres on the truck if needed. Please contact us if you require specific photos of the tyres.